Trade Polycarbonate Rooflights Only

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Our Trade Range is one of the most competitive UPVC products on the market. The range offers a sleek modern design which is Part ‘L’ compliant. Extruded from high quality UPVC this range offers an integrated water management system to shed water to the outside of the rooflight. Internally the white UPVC provides a clean, smart self-finish.

This range can be used with a Double or Triple skin polycarbonate rooflight in clear, diffused or bronze finishes.


We also offer a range of rooflights complete with kerbs:

Fixed rooflights for light only, Vented or Hinged rooflights where ventilation is required and Access Hatch Units for a limited number of sizes. We can also supply units with a factory fitted, argon filled double glazed glass rooflight to further improve U-values.

free delivery

All prices on our website include free delivery throughout the UK

Standard Units:

48 hours (via Courier)

Non Standard Units and larger Units the following sizes:

1200×1200, 1300×1300, 1400×1400,
1500×1500, 800×1400, 900×1500,
1000×1500, 1200×1500

are 5-8 days delivery (Specialist Handler)

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